Yoga with Pigeons, a ten-minute play

Judith Pratt, Writer


(See below for short plays for ages 40-100.)

ANIMAL RESCUE 2 women, 1 man, 1 young any gender. Any race but should match.

When disaster strikes, who do we save?

Annie votes for the animals, her sister votes for Annie, but Kemp has other ideas.

LIGHT SHOW: 3 actors, any gender, any race
Hating solstice celebrations can leave you in the dark.
Produced by North by South Theatre, December 2013
GASLIT: 2 women, any race
Corporate women pull hair over an old betrayal.
Produced by the Dragonfly Festival, Devanaughn Theatre, Boston MA, May 2006

LOSING IT: 2 women, or 1 man, 1 woman, any race
The OCD librarian and the clutter-loving artist:  can this marriage succeed?
Produced by the Looking Glass Theatre, NYC, November 2007
Produced at Elmira College, NY, February 2001
Produced by Potluck Productions, Kansas City, July 2001

MOVING PARTS: 3 actors, any gender, any race
A director’s dream, or What You Will. Decide who is doing what!
Produced by the Looking Glass Theatre, NYC, June 2008

THE BIG THREE OH or THEY SAY ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY: 2 women, 28-30, any race.
Nikki volunteers to plan a 30th birthday party for Priss--who objects to every idea but can't come up with any of her own.  Then Priss wonders why Nikki gets so angry. 


Two women get married in their own way.

--Created and produced at Metropolitan Theatre Ensemble, Kansas City.

THROWN AWAY: 1 man, 1 woman, any race
Depression almost wrecks a marriage.
Created and produced at the Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre's Playwrights Intensive, July 2008
THE WINDOWS: 2 women, any race
A sudden obsession with paintings of windows.  A mystery.
---Readings by:
-Midwest Dramatists Conference, 2017

-She Speaks, Kitchener Ontario, March 2009
-The Women’s Theatre Project, FL, February 2008
-The Dramatists Guild, NYC, International Women’s Day Plays, March 2007
-Blameless Productions, Cape Town, South Africa, June 2007.
YOGA WITH PIGEONS: 1 man, 1 woman, any race
He watches pigeons, she does yoga.  In the end, it’s the same thing.  A Meet Cute comedy.
-Produced by Wolf's Mouth Theatre Collective,

TEEN READING PROGRAM: 1 woman monologue, any race
Like, why do I have to read?  Why can’t I just, you know, Google it?  Or watch it on a DVD?
-Produced by Vestige Theatre, Austin TX, August 2006

AT SEA: 1 man, 60-80, 1 woman, 30s
Lydia has nightmares about trying to swim in her childhood ocean. So she swims in her Midwestern living room late at night. When her grandfather shows up, she has to confront her dreams.

Read at Short Plays Marathon, New Bedford MA, 2014

HOW TO TERRAFORM A PLANET:  2 women or 2 men, any race
Based on the Iroquois creation story of Flint and Sapling. Two people must terraform a planet before the colonists arrive. Should the new place make 'em tough, or make 'em happy?
KARAOKE GRANDMA: 1 woman, 60-75, 1 woman, 30-40
Mother likes rock ‘n roll.  Daughter likes beige.
--Produced by Wolf's Mouth Theatre Collective, Ithaca NY, April 2008
METAPHORICAL SHOES: 1 man, 1 woman, 60 +, 1 woman, 30-50, any race.
Can a woman over 60 wear high heels safely?

Published by Art Age Senior Theatre Center. For scripts and rights, contact:

---Phoenix Theatre Caleb Reese Festival, 2017, Cashiers Library, NC, 2015, Theatre Southwest 8th Annual Readers Theatre, 2012, Geneva Theatre Guild, 2012,  Honorable Mention, Old Opera House Theatre Company New Voice Play Festival 2009, Reading by The Lost Playwrights of Western North Carolina, March 2009, Finalist, Eileen Heckart Senior Drama Competition, 2007.

RIZPAH'S SECRET 1 man, 1 woman, between 60 and 90
If you look for the old homestead, you might fall into the cellar—and discover a secret.
RUMMAGE: 2 women, any race.
Sorting rummage leads to a beanie baby caper.
Winner and staged reading, Kitchen Theatre 15 Minutes of Fame, May 2000
SOLSTICE: 1 man, 1 woman, 40 +, any race
Homeless people celebrate the light.
--Produced by American Concert Theatre Holiday Tales ’06, Philadelphia PA, December 2006


Two people from different sides participate in a scientific test, and discover one thing they have in common.

Short version at Kitchen Theatre

WAAH: 1 woman Monologue
A woman who missed Woodstock wonders about activism.
--Published in Singular Voices, Monologues from the International Centre for Women Playwrights, JAC Publishing, 2008