Judith Pratt, Writer

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Cover by Julie Manners

What's in those woods that line the superhighways? Andrea finds out when she meets Eraustaak, one of the Bokaaj who live in those buffer zone woods. She spends a glorious summer with him, learning how to climb trees and hide from Vaask, a Bokaaj who hates Andrea and people like her. She meets the Siljeea, whose magic keeps the Bokaaj safe.

But then Andrea discovers how hard to be a hero, especially if you're only thirteen and your stepfather wants everyone to be Safe.

Excerpts from The Dry and from Siljeea Magic


Chapter One

We were driving along one of those big highways when I first saw them: small brown people running through the woods that bordered the four-lane road.

I was only seven, and had been imagining myself on a beautiful galloping horse keeping magical pace with out car. I used to do things like that when I was just a kid. But then, instead of the fantasy horse, I saw real people running along through the bare trees. They were child-size,but I knew they weren't children. They were as brown as the dried oak leaves and pine needles under their feet, so they should have been almost invisible. But I could see them.


Chapter One

Miskin stood at the Gate.

Above her, the wall stretched higher than two men standing. It wound to the west and east as far as Miskin could see. No one could get into the Dry Country unless they hiked many leagues  to the end of the wall. If anyone could be stupid enough to go all the way around just to avoid paying a Guide, they deserved their fate--to be lost in the Dry forever.

Miskin had always wanted to cross the Dry Country, to see it change shape as she walked across it, to feel its strange visions. Now she'd saved enough coin to sign up for a journey with a Guide. Guides could find their way through the shifting landscape. Guides could lead travelers through the Dry to the endless possibilities of Mairewald, Mairport, and the unimaginable ocean.