Judith Pratt, Writer

The Wright Place, full-length play about a New England family house, reading at Vokes Theatre, Wayland MA, August 2014.

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Here I am rewriting a play. Good writing is rewriting.


CHIMERA: 4 women, any race
Three women learn how to live together—or one woman learns to live with three parts of herself.  They do so with the help of chimeras --mythical beasts, creatures of dual nature, and crazy ideas.
--Produced by 3rd Floor Productions at the Kitchen Theatre, Ithaca NY, February 1996

MAIZE: 3 women, 3 men
Barbara is in love with maize--or researching maize genetics.  But to do what she loves, she adapts, she mutates, and she struggles against sexism and her own difficult nature.

--SciArts at Louisiana State University Playwriting Prize, 2019. 

--Semi-finalist, 2019 Mach 33: Caltech/Pasadena Playhouse Festival of New Science-Driven Plays, 2019

--TRU Play Reading Series Finalist, 2019

--Read at Artemesia Theatre, Chicago, 2015
4 women, 3 men, any race
with Susan Trausch
Antiques, collectibles, rummage, or junk, stuff rules our lives.  Do you keep it, sell it, toss it, collect it--or steal it?   Bill of Bill's Antiques and Collectibles oversees the stuff obsessions of the people who come into his shop to buy—or sell—their stuff.
3 women, any race
A mysterious crate of masks appears in the office of anthropology professor Meredith Bailey.  With her graduate assistant Jill, Meredith tries to discover the story of these artifacts.  Are they a ticket out of a dead-end job for Meredith, salvation for Jill, or a wedge between them?
--Panndora Productions, 2015

--Workshopped at the Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre, Kansas City, July 2009
--Reading at Great Plains Theatre Conference, Omaha NE, June 2006
THE WRIGHT PLACE: 5 women, 2 men
As girls, Lee and Diana build dream houses out of blocks and imagination.  When they grow up, Diana tries out many dream homes, but Lee puts her life on hold waiting for her grandmother’s house.  When Nana dies and Lee’s mother Helen decides to sell the Wright place, a convoluted family struggle begins -- while Diana's dreams grow smaller.
--Published by JAC Publishing, Summer 2007.  Find it on Amazon.
--Rehearsed reading at the Kitchen Sink, Ithaca NY, September 2005, and at Vokes Theatre, Wayland MA, August 2014.