Judith Pratt, Writer
I'm a playwright, freelance writer, and novelist. I'm also a director, actor, and teacher.

In other words, I write stories. Then I help to present them onstage.
"It's all in the stories."  from my play, SPIRALLING.

Stories make art. They also help market your non-profit or your business, as I explain in a blog post.

The Dry Country.
A coming-of-age fantasy novel.

I’m fascinated with strange environments and the dreams and visions they create—and what happens to people in such places.

To young Miscin, the strange and magical Dry Country is the ultimate adventure, but to the older Samiya, it might be her last journey as a Guide.

In the Dry Country, the landscape changes even as you walk through it. At first, it looks like an ordinary, scrubby desert. But ten miles in from any of the Dry Country borders, you find disoriented rabbits, mystified tazora, befuddled toads. If animals—or humans--don’t find their way back, they die of confusion. Some humans, however, can find their way through the Dry. They are they Guides.
Resume, Freelance writer/consultant

Teaching Theatre History at Wells College, Spring 2012 and 2014. History is a great place for artists to steal stuff! 

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